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Top ten synonyms Doctor. What are 5 "Doctor synonyms"? What is a better word for Doctor? What's another word for Doctor? How can I replace the word Doctor? What is the meaning of Doctor in English?

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Synonym of Doctor (verb)

physician expert specialist professor scientist quack medic intern healer general practitioner surgeon MD medico doc bones medical person

Example of Doctor

Example in a Sentences of Doctor

Example Sentences for doctor

Should there be lacerations, the doctor will attend to their repair when he comes.

What even denied a cordial at his end, Banished the doctor, and expelled the friend?

You know what Doctor Jackson said about the little stomachs that were overworked.

But the doctor stopped and spoke very gravely to Uncle Denny.

"Suck it," ordered the Doctor, surveying the splinter with an experienced eye.

You know that after the priest and the doctor it's the saloonkeeper that knows a man's number.

The boy shouldered the double rifle and followed the doctor.

Because the doctor and the nurse Had said that noise would make her worse.

The doctor longed to give her a downright piece of his mind.

Indeed, Doctor Owl, you are much in the right;You might as well have said the day is not night.

Word Origin & History of - Doctor

Word Origin & History of Doctor

Word Origin & History

doctor c.1300, "Church father," from O.Fr. doctour, from M.L. doctor "religious teacher, adviser, scholar," from L. doctor "teacher," from doct- stem of docere "to show, teach," originally "make to appear right," causative of decere "be seemly, fitting" (see decent). Meaning of "holder of highest degree in university" is first found late 14c.; as is that of "medical professional," though this was not common till late 16c. Verb sense of "alter, disguise, falsify" is first recorded 1774. Related: Doctored; doctoring.

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