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Divulge Definition Divulge Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Divulge. What are 5 "Divulge synonyms"? What is a better word for Divulge? What's another word for Divulge? How can I replace the word Divulge? What is the Definition of Divulge.

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Synonym of Divulge (verb)

disclose reveal leak communicate give away admit publish uncover blab exhibit spill spring expose discover promulgate declare broadcast tattle mouth betray impart gossip proclaim tell blow the whistle spill the beans fess up cough up go public let hair down let slip open up own up tip off

Example of Divulge

Example in a Sentences of Divulge

Example Sentences for divulge

His protector is acquainted with the secret of his royal birth, but would incur the penalty of death were he to divulge it.

It was impossible for him to divulge the secret to his Form.

Are you fool enough to think that he will divulge those secrets to you?

What they said to each other in these circumstances it does not become us to divulge.

You are not to divulge to anyone the sender of these flowers.

I'll tell you the story, but on the condition that you do not divulge it before my death.

The revelations of the last day alone can divulge the horrors of this awful tragedy.

There will be no danger of that, Bududreen, for there will be no one to divulge our secret.

But this, Jaqui firmly informed them, was now his secret and his property, and he would not divulge it.

She merely again urged the Princess never to divulge the secret.

Word Origin & History of - Divulge

Word Origin & History of Divulge

Word Origin & History

divulge mid-15c., from L. divulgare "publish, make common," from dis- "apart" + vulgare "make common property," from vulgus "common people" (see vulgar). Related: Divulged; divulging.

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