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Top ten synonyms Disposed. What are 5 "Disposed synonyms"? What is a better word for Disposed? What's another word for Disposed? How can I replace the word Disposed? What is the Definition of Disposed.

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Synonym of Disposed (adj)

given biased game willing predisposed ready minded subject apt liable likely partial prone fain at drop of hat game for of a mind to tending toward

Example of Disposed

Example in a Sentences of Disposed

Example Sentences for disposed

The bull had disposed of a sufficiently good number of horses.

We are not disposed to enter into the question in any spirit of censure.

I own that I am disposed to say grace upon twenty other occasions in the course of the day besides my dinner.

I had no doubt they were discussing the same subject which the mate and I had disposed of.

The smallest amount of heat is so disposed as to accomplish the largest result.

I had conducted them all to the main cabin; but they were not disposed to remain there.

We are disposed to consider him a moderately decent fellow except when under the active power of evil.

But Diana was cross, and not disposed to take reproof lightly.

It would be easy to show wherein he is offensive, not to say disgusting; but we are not so disposed.

There was a slight chance for him, which he was disposed to improve.

Word Origin & History of - Disposed

Word Origin & History of Disposed

Word Origin & History

disposed mid-14c., inclined, in the mood, pp. adj. from dispose. Meaning in a certain condition is late 14c., arranged is 15c.

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