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Top ten synonyms Displacement. What are 5 "Displacement synonyms"? What is a better word for Displacement? What's another word for Displacement? How can I replace the word Displacement? What is the Definition of Displacement.

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Synonym of Displacement (noun)

shift move rearrangement movement deracination supplanting

Example of Displacement

Example in a Sentences of Displacement

Example Sentences for displacement

The degree of displacement of the fragments depends upon the extent to which the expansion of the quadriceps tendon is lacerated.

Morren spoke of this displacement of the floral organs as "speiranthie."

It may reveal the phenomenon which psychologists call "displacement."

Displacement can not be remedied, and reduction is next to impossible.

At T either a scale can be placed or a drawing-board, on which a pen at T marks the displacement.

I was troubled with displacement of the womb and other female weakness.

The negro migration in Pittsburgh, however, did not cause a displacement of white laborers.

Its recent activity has caused some displacement of the sea bottom.

The displacement of the upper fragment seems to depend upon the attitude of the limb at the moment of fracture.

In other cases there is a tendency to recurrence of the displacement.

Word Origin & History of - Displacement

Word Origin & History of Displacement

Word Origin & History

displacement 1610s, removal from office, from displace + -ment. Physics sense is from 1837.

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