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Top ten synonyms Displace. What are 5 "Displace synonyms"? What is a better word for Displace? What's another word for Displace? How can I replace the word Displace? What is the Definition of Displace.

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Synonym of Displace (verb)

disturb expel lose uproot evict mislay unsettle eject shift transpose misplace dislodge relegate change dispossess derange dislocate disarrange force out disestablish crowd out displant expulse

Example of Displace

Example in a Sentences of Displace

Example Sentences for displace

Velasquez ignored the suggestions that he displace Cortes until it was too late.

The yellow newspapers thrive and displace all the others because he likes them.

Calling Dr. Whewell to his aid in 1833, he endeavoured to displace by others all terms tainted by a foregone conclusion.

He was sure that he, the stranger, had been a fool to imagine that he could ever displace Phil.

The amputations were my greatest dread, lest I might displace bandages and set an artery bleeding.

"In the name of the people, I am sent to displace and to succeed you," was the answer.

These rise in O and also displace the liquid which rises in T.

Gates endeavored to displace Washington, but ruined himself in the attempt.

A piece of zinc will displace the iron in like manner, leaving a solution of nitrate of zinc.

We floated like corks, we were so light, and so little water did we displace.

Word Origin & History of - Displace

Word Origin & History of Displace

Word Origin & History

displace 1550s, from O.Fr. desplacer, from des- "dis-" + placer "to place." Related: Displaced. Displaced person refugee is from 1944.

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