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Top ten synonyms Discussion. What are 5 "Discussion synonyms"? What is a better word for Discussion? What's another word for Discussion? How can I replace the word Discussion? What is the Definition of Discussion.

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Synonym of Discussion (noun)

conference dialogue deliberation exchange review argument analysis controversy conversation discourse consultation examination symposium interview consideration scrutiny meeting debate dispute argumentation huddle contention dissertation powwow excursus colloquy altercation confabulation meet canvass disputation quarrel wrangling groupthink ventilation

Example of Discussion

Example in a Sentences of Discussion

Example Sentences for discussion

At least it was he who had determined when the discussion should be closed.

They were evidently engaged in the discussion of some topic of interest when I entered.

Our absolute lack of facts only made the field of discussion wider.

The unseemliness was in the mode of discussion, not in the absurdity of the subject.

Your discussion is interesting and I can understand it well.

Why should Guilford forbid the topic as though its discussion were painful to Wayne?

A doctor, Eryximachus, raises the tone of the discussion still further.

And the extent to which even he was identified came to be a matter of discussion.

And did any discussion of that subject or possible subject ever take place in your presence by anybody?

She shrank from a discussion with her aunt who was in a high state of indignation.

Word Origin & History of - Discussion

Word Origin & History of Discussion

Word Origin & History

discussion mid-14c., from O.Fr. discussion, from L.L. discussionem "examination, discussion," in classical L., "a shaking," from discussus, pp. of discutere "strike asunder, break up," from dis- "apart" + quatere "to shake." Originally "examination, investigation, judicial trial;" meaning of "talk over, debate" first recorded mid-15c. Sense evolution in Latin appears to have been from "smash apart" to "scatter, disperse," then in post-classical times (via the mental process involved) to "investigate, examine," then to "debate."

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