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Top ten synonyms Discord. What are 5 "Discord synonyms"? What is a better word for Discord? What's another word for Discord? How can I replace the word Discord? What is the Definition of Discord.

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Synonym of Discord (verb)

tumult dissonance disharmony harshness jangle din cacophony jarring racket clamor clinker sour note

Example of Discord

Example in a Sentences of Discord

Example Sentences for discord

"Let us cast this firebrand of discord far from us," they exclaimed.

The cry of the lone night-bird, and the howling of wolves, would be added to the discord of the angry elements.

Our sense of harmony and discord is too fine; we have bad spleens; and we lack fortitude.

The very depth of the Passion is there; and yet there is no discord.

The following two years of the governorship of D. Martinez were turbulent with the discord of rivals and their factions.

As long as they can, these people remain blind to the discord in their souls.

The greatest good of a State is unity; the greatest evil, discord and distraction.

It is astonishing how quickly two people can fall into a habit of discord.

But while it is litigated and uncertain what the law is, differences will exist, and discord will prevail.

In the country, too, no less than in the cities, the goddess of discord reigned.

Word Origin & History of - Discord

Word Origin & History of Discord

Word Origin & History

discord c.1230, from O.Fr. descorde "disagreement," from L. discordia, from discors (gen. discordis) "disagreeing, disagreement," from dis- "apart" + cor (gen. cordis) "heart" (see heart).

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