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Disapprove Definition Disapprove Meaning in Bengali

"Disapprove Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Disapprove. What are 5 "Disapprove synonyms"? What is a better word for Disapprove? What's another word for Disapprove? How can I replace the word Disapprove? What is the Definition of Disapprove.

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Synonym of Disapprove (verb)

veto denounce decry oppose reject dislike deplore discountenance slam reprove reprehend damn pan reprobate dismiss censure disallow blame nix spurn disesteem detract disfavor refuse criticize deprecate chastise expostulate remonstrate look down on turn down zing discommend dispraise find fault with find unacceptable frown on look askance at object to pass on set aside take dim view of take exception to

Example of Disapprove

Example in a Sentences of Disapprove

Example Sentences for disapprove

Wisdom and virtue should, no doubt, have made him disapprove of Miss May's little outbreak of hot temper.

The simple Ursula could not disapprove the choice of Adrian and Amaranthé.

If I read this over, as I am now going to do, and disapprove of myself, it is not too late to change my mind.

I begin to like what others about me like, and to disapprove what they disapprove.

Still you have recognized the phenomenon, but you disapprove of Favorinus' explanation of it?

There were so many things of which he was compelled to disapprove, or which at least he couldn't discuss.

That this inaugural scene gives this stupendous truth an indeniable vindication, no man may lightly undertake to disapprove.

I hope he has no attraction at Liverpool, of which you disapprove.

If you are satisfied with your conduct I shall not presume to disapprove.

“Far be it from me to advise you to do what your conscience might disapprove,” observed the abbé.

Word Origin & History of - Disapprove

Word Origin & History of Disapprove

Word Origin & History

disapprove late 15c., originally "disprove;" as the reverse of approve; it is first attested 1640s. See dis- + approve. Related: Disapproving

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