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Disagreement Definition Disagreement Meaning in Bengali

"Disagreement Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Disagreement. What are 5 "Disagreement synonyms"? What is a better word for Disagreement? What's another word for Disagreement? How can I replace the word Disagreement? What is the Definition of Disagreement.

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Synonym of Disagreement (noun)

discord dissent disunity argument friction wrangle controversy debate fight split spat tension squabble clash antagonism hostility misunderstanding opposition animosity difference division strife feud conflict contention contest disunion vendetta break hassle altercation words breach variance rupture dissidence clashing ill will jarring bickering atmospherics cross-purposes divisiveness falling out ill feeling

Example of Disagreement

Example in a Sentences of Disagreement

Example Sentences for disagreement

The question had been a cause of disagreement among the leaders of the Reformation.

Our disagreement with Freule Sophia prevented our making his acquaintance.

To return to the situation of affairs at Orizaba, the disagreement between the allies requires some explanation.

There was no real cause for any disagreement between these two nations.

And I gathered, too, that Hermione made light of the disagreement at the ball.

Mr. and Mrs. Briggs never had but one word of disagreement or discussion.

She had a disagreement with Barton—and left to consult regular doctors.

There was, however, this great ground of disagreement between them.

A fresh source of disagreement soon arose, for which Sigurd, as usual, was to blame.

Here Davidson and Horne left the party after a disagreement with Lloyd.

Word Origin & History of - Disagreement

Word Origin & History of Disagreement

Word Origin & History

disagreement 1570s, from dis- + agreement.

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