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Top ten synonyms Direct. What are 5 "Direct synonyms"? What is a better word for Direct? What's another word for Direct? How can I replace the word Direct? What is the Definition of Direct.

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Synonym of Direct (adv)

unambiguous straightforward sincere unequivocal explicit candid blunt forthright bald plain straight express frank open absolute categorical downright matter-of-fact outspoken point-blank unconcealed unreserved plainspoken talk turkey person-to-person straight from the shoulder undisguised

Example of Direct

Example in a Sentences of Direct

Example Sentences for direct

They were the direct descendants of Esau, and inhabited Mount Seir.

She is puzzled; she is lonely; she has no one to direct her conscience.

You will get a pilot from Col. Nixon's regt to direct them thither.

With his own direct standards of conduct it was equivalent to dishonesty.

The money must always be sent, with the names, direct to the Publisher.

The War Lord of Germany had selected the direct route for himself.

This seems to me to be as direct and conclusive as anything can be.

And what he said to her and what she answered to him was very brief and direct.

He had been placed at the mine to defend it, and he was helpless to direct the men.

“In other words, you direct me to trundle on board as fast as I can,” said Adair.

Word Origin & History of - Direct

Word Origin & History of Direct

Word Origin & History

direct late 14c., from L. directus "straight," pp. of dirigere "set straight," from dis- "apart" + regere "to guide" (see regal). The adj. is from late 14c. Related: Directed; directing.

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