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Top ten synonyms Dig. What are 5 "Dig synonyms"? What is a better word for Dig? What's another word for Dig? How can I replace the word Dig? What is the Definition of Dig.

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Synonym of Dig (verb)

gibe cut quip slur taunt jeer innuendo crack sneer wisecrack cutting remark

Example of Dig

Example in a Sentences of Dig

Example Sentences for dig

It was decided to dig a trench, and cache all of our things except those which we could take in the one wagon.

Some of you will have to dig longer and some shorter ditches.

If the single parishes would unite to dig trenches and drain the soil, they would have the finest meadows.

Reddy Fox was too shrewd to waste any time trying to dig it larger.

If the pit is to be used without bait, then find the runways of the animal and dig the pit.

When you find him begin to dig, but don't speak a word to him.

We were compelled to rest at times to allow the infantry an opportunity to dig trenches which we might use in case of need.

They are at San Antonio—the baker, the buffoon, the two young men who dig.

Which the Walterses could of dreened theirn too, only they'd ruther hunt ducks and have fish frys than to dig ditches.

“Melchior and Mr Dale will seek for me and dig me out,” he thought.

Word Origin & History of - Dig

Word Origin & History of Dig

Word Origin & History

dig early 14c. (diggen), of uncertain origin, probably related to dike and ditch, either via O.Fr. diguer (ult. from a Gmc. source), or directly from an unrecorded O.E. word. Native words were deolfan, grafan (medial -f- pronounced as "v" in O.E.). Meaning "thrust or poke" (as with an elbow) is from 1819; figurative sense of this is from 1840. Slang sense of "understand" first recorded 1934 in Black English, probably based on the notion of "excavate." A slightly varied sense of "appreciate" emerged 1939. Noun meaning "archaeological expedition" is from 1896. Related: Digging.

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