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Despise Definition Despise Meaning in Bengali

"Despise Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Despise. What are 5 "Despise synonyms"? What is a better word for Despise? What's another word for Despise? How can I replace the word Despise? What is the Definition of Despise.

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Synonym of Despise (verb)

revile disdain repudiate reject neglect undervalue scorn detest deride snub eschew shun hate abhor loathe abominate spurn execrate renounce slight contemn disregard flout put down wipe out allergic to feel contempt for have no use for look down nose at misprize

Example of Despise

Example in a Sentences of Despise

Example Sentences for despise

Strive to win to your arms a lady who must ever continue to despise you.

It may be that you will despise me in every line as you read: after what has happened, I cannot tell.

There is not a man aboard but hates or fears him, nor is there a man whom he does not despise.

Neither has any reason to be amazed at or despise the other.

I do not pretend to despise the rich things of the world, or the high things.

They make allowances for the women, pet them, and despise them.

His martial spirit led him to despise the least martial part of the population.

I've heard them, my friend, and I know how most of them despise the workers.

But they despise and fear a fire, and foreigners are apt to find the old Italian palaces dreary, and very cold.

We must show him that we despise his miserliness and meanness.

Word Origin & History of - Despise

Word Origin & History of Despise

Word Origin & History

despise c.1300, from O.Fr. despis-, stem of despire, from L. despicere "look down on, scorn," from de- "down" + specere "look at" (see scope (1)).

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