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Deserted Definition Deserted Meaning in Bengali

"Deserted Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Deserted. What are 5 "Deserted synonyms"? What is a better word for Deserted? What's another word for Deserted? How can I replace the word Deserted? What is the Definition of Deserted.

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Synonym of Deserted (adjective)

desolate uninhabited forlorn vacant neglected isolated lonely barren derelict empty bare forsaken left bereft cast off godforsaken solitary uncouth lorn relinquished left in the lurch left stranded

Example of Deserted

Example in a Sentences of Deserted

Example Sentences for deserted

He had deserted, he had been caught, he was to die; that was all.

When he reached the spot where he had met the Cuban courier he found it deserted.

At nine oclock the place was deserted and the doors were closed.

I should feel that I had injured you, and deserted my own duty.

Dusk of that day had fallen before the word came to the deserted hotel.

They turned into a deserted side street, and rapidly she told her story.

The lady whom Welbeck had betrayed and deserted was not unknown to me.

He sought a deserted corner, where he could recollect himself a little.

And by the roadside, quite alone and deserted, stood a large new motor-car.

Nearly all of them are deserted, and the out-houses floated off.

Word Origin & History of - Deserted

Word Origin & History of Deserted

Word Origin & History

desert "to leave," late 14c., from O.Fr. deserter "leave," lit. "undo or sever connection," from L.L. desertare, freq. of L. deserere "to abandon," from de- "undo" + serere "join" (see series). Military sense is first recorded 1640s.

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