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Top ten synonyms Describe. What are 5 "Describe synonyms"? What is a better word for Describe? What's another word for Describe? How can I replace the word Describe? What is the meaning of Describe in English?

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Synonym of Describe (verb)

portray represent term depict specify outline chronicle illustrate express detail name characterize call construe recount report label tell interpret define recite sketch illuminate picture relate image limn particularize rehearse paint state impart transmit exemplify expound draw trace elucidate communicate distinguish narrate delineate epitomize explicate convey image make apparent make clear make sense of make vivid mark out write up

Example of Describe

Example in a Sentences of Describe

Example Sentences for describe

It is such as I will describe; for I must dare to speak the truth, when truth is my theme.

His sensations when he read the letter are not easy to describe.

I could not describe the dance even if I had watched it, which I did not.

One of these gentlemen, Choricius by name, had a seaport to describe.

How often the kind of thing occurs that I am about to describe!

His face was the face of a man who had seen something that he would not like to describe to any other man.

I have spoken so much of the Vril Staff that my reader may expect me to describe it.

Then commenced a struggle which it is impossible to describe.

Having spoken of the Gauls, we shall now proceed to describe the Franks.

I cannot describe the satisfaction which this labor, and the thinking of it, afforded me.

Word Origin & History of - Describe

Word Origin & History of Describe

Word Origin & History

describe early 13c., descrive, from O.Fr. descrivre (13c.), from L. describere (see description). Reconstructed with Latin spelling 16c. Related: Described, describes, describing.

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