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Top ten synonyms Depict. What are 5 "Depict synonyms"? What is a better word for Depict? What's another word for Depict? How can I replace the word Depict? What is the meaning of Depict in English?

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Synonym of Depict (verb)

portray represent sketch characterize detail reproduce paint interpret illustrate delineate picture outline relate image state limn report design narrate sculpt

Example of Depict

Example in a Sentences of Depict

Example Sentences for depict

Pictures once supposed to represent glass blowers at work are now understood to depict one stage of metal working.

The blue and black smudges which purport to depict the 'Thames at Night.'

They were wondering what moved Shakespeare to depict the story of a black man married to a white woman.

But the sole purpose of this book is to try and depict Hindu India as it really is.

When attempts were made to depict them they were represented in many varying forms.

A novelist must learn so very much—a novelist who is to depict the truth, as you are to do.

What the imagination is unable to conceive, and the eye itself is overpowered in beholding, the pen can never hope to depict.

Words cannot depict the emotions of the field-cornet at that moment.

To depict the workings of the soul of man in a given situation is one thing—to depict the impact of ego upon ego is another.

Vain the attempt to depict his feelings, as he regards the movements of the vultures.

Word Origin & History of - Depict

Word Origin & History of Depict

Word Origin & History

depict c.1430, from L. depictus, pp. of depigere, from de- "down" + pingere "to paint" (see paint).

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