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Departure Definition Departure Meaning in Bengali

"Departure Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Departure. What are 5 "Departure synonyms"? What is a better word for Departure? What's another word for Departure? How can I replace the word Departure? What is the Definition of Departure.

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Synonym of Departure (noun)

retirement flight evacuation escape removal exit separation withdrawal exodus passage takeoff retreat abandonment egress farewell migration vacation start going adieu emigration expatriation parting stampede getaway recession decampment desertion goodbye powder bow out walkout egression hegira sailing embarkation congé going away quitting setting forth setting out taking leave taking off vanishing act withdrawing

Example of Departure

Example in a Sentences of Departure

Example Sentences for departure

Jekyl had never returned, nor had any one descended the stairs since his departure.

I offered my hand and he took it; but I don't think he was inclined to weep at my departure.

He made the same arrangements as before, when his departure was a mere pretense.

Paul increased the use of these by fixing a day for his departure.

May he who is unborn be the sad announcer of your departure hence!

It was now Thursday, the fourth day since our departure from Paris.

On my departure from the island, Kirkeberguer accompanied me to Bienne.

France was then at peace, and the King of France forbade his departure.

The Prussian King allowed him on his departure a pension of 16,000 francs.

On the one it is a departure; on the other it is an arrival.

Word Origin & History of - Departure

Word Origin & History of Departure

Word Origin & History

departure 1520s, from O.Fr. desparteure, from L.L. *dispartitura, from dispartire (see depart).

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