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Denunciate Definition Denunciate Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Denunciate. What are 5 "Denunciate synonyms"? What is a better word for Denunciate? What's another word for Denunciate? How can I replace the word Denunciate? What is the Definition of Denunciate.

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Synonym of Denunciate (verb)

criticize attribute denounce chide charge indict condemn knock rap saddle reprehend reprove frame ascribe disapprove censure admonish roast impute finger rebuke skin upbraid tax blast reproach pass the buck blow the whistle on climb all over express disapprobation find fault with hold responsible jump all over lay a bad trip on lay to let one have it lower the boom point the finger stick it to jump down one's throat lay at one's door

Example of Denunciate

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Word Origin & History of - Denunciate

Word Origin & History of Denunciate

Word Origin & History

denunciate 1590s, from pp. stem of denuntiare (see denounce). The same word as denounce, but directly from Latin.

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