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Top ten synonyms Denounce. What are 5 "Denounce synonyms"? What is a better word for Denounce? What's another word for Denounce? How can I replace the word Denounce? What is the Definition of Denounce.

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Synonym of Denounce (verb)

prosecute criticize rebuke brand excoriate scold castigate boycott blame decry revile censure accuse threaten vilify stigmatize impeach vituperate incriminate rat indict rap skin reprove declaim adjudicate ostracize reprehend charge damn finger proscribe derogate impugn reprobate expose arraign blacklist upbraid implicate reproach knock smear reprimand dress down show up charge with denunciate hang something on inveigh against take to task

Example of Denounce

Example in a Sentences of Denounce

Example Sentences for denounce

Some day the past would confront and denounce her, perhaps; but for the moment she was enfranchised anew of human society.

To denounce this is dignified, but it is also easy and most often correspondingly useless.

She was tended by a traitor whom she hated, yet she was unable to denounce her, to rid herself of her daily, hourly presence.

It would be impossible for me to denounce you for what I fear you are.

He did denounce the Pharisaic shams, the hollow hypocrisies, which had eaten away the nation's heart and strength.

Were it but for her conduct to her maids I was determined publicly to denounce her.

She had decided that Millicent must not be allowed to marry Gladwyne, but she could not bring herself to denounce the man.

We should have made an end of Cyprien, for he threatened to denounce us.

Strangely Knell did not even look at the man he was about to denounce.

The question is: Does it forbid, denounce, or dissuade, its introduction?

Word Origin & History of - Denounce

Word Origin & History of Denounce

Word Origin & History

denounce c.1300, from O.Fr. denoncier, from L. denuntiare, from de- "down" + nuntiare "proclaim, announce," from nuntius "messenger" (see nuncio).

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