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Delineate Definition Delineate Meaning in Bengali

"Delineate Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Delineate. What are 5 "Delineate synonyms"? What is a better word for Delineate? What's another word for Delineate? How can I replace the word Delineate? What is the meaning of Delineate in English?

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Synonym of Delineate (verb)

lay out depict limn define portray plot draw figure trace represent detail chart mark characterize draft sketch out

Example of Delineate

Example in a Sentences of Delineate

Example Sentences for delineate

But when she comes to delineate the Radical, he turns out to be a Positivist—of good quality of his kind, but still not a Radical.

This word does not satisfy me, nor can I think of one that will delineate my idea.

We will now proceed to delineate an escape wheel for a detached lever.

Professor has finished measuring, and is preparing to "delineate" me.

He sought to delineate and enforce the practical duties of life.

She has parcelled out her purgatory, as we delineate this upper world on a map.

Misery's own pencil can delineate no scene of horror more revolting; humanity knows no visitation more terrible!

I have endeavoured to delineate his character so that it will be as an open book.

The poet, therefore, who wishes to delineate a character need not keep a note-book.

We are not, but his ability we are in duty bound to delineate truthfully.

Word Origin & History of - Delineate

Word Origin & History of Delineate

Word Origin & History

delineate 1550s, from L. delineatus, pp. of delineare, from de- "completely" + lineare "draw lines," from linea "line" (see line (n.)).

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