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Top ten synonyms Deference. What are 5 "Deference synonyms"? What is a better word for Deference? What's another word for Deference? How can I replace the word Deference? What is the Definition of Deference.

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Synonym of Deference (noun)

yielding obeisance submission condescension acquiescence complaisance capitulation docility

Example of Deference

Example in a Sentences of Deference

Example Sentences for deference

Following the illustrious example of Napoleon Boltonparty, Joseph threw off all mask of deference to former leader.

But with women he was the most delightful mixture of deference and high spirits.

Through all the bitterest contentions which raged around him, he was uniformly treated with respect and deference.

They rode slowly, in deference to Don Miguel's age and that of his pony.

Garson, however, was unconvinced, notwithstanding his deference to the judgment of his leader.

That was kept out of the papers in deference to the feelings of the family and friends.

Dick was the lion of the dinner, and all that he said was listened to with deference and even awe.

This he refused to print, in deference, I suspect, to a theory of poetic art.

He was careful to observe himself the deference to parliamentary privilege which he exacted from (p. 259) others.

Melissy was very tired, but she enjoyed their deference greatly.

Word Origin & History of - Deference

Word Origin & History of Deference

Word Origin & History

deference 1640s, from Fr. déférence (16c.), from déférer (see defer (2)).

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