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Deduction Definition Deduction Meaning in Bengali

"Deduction Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Deduction. What are 5 "Deduction synonyms"? What is a better word for Deduction? What's another word for Deduction? How can I replace the word Deduction? What is the Definition of Deduction.

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Synonym of Deduction (noun)

inference deliberation result meditation reasoning thinking ratiocination rumination assumption answer finding corollary musing consideration cogitation judgment reflection contemplation derivation thought consequence opinion speculation concluding illation inferring mulling pondering sequitur

Example of Deduction

Example in a Sentences of Deduction

Example Sentences for deduction

Every principle of science, every deduction of philosophy, is a tool.

The 637Templars were charged with making this deduction when grounds for burning them were sought.

The deduction is dangerous, but obvious, and I recommend it warmly to all who are about to be called to the Bar.

To prove or disprove the induction, we must resort to deduction and experiment.

Still, after every deduction for mere Laputian pedantry has been made, the balance of fruitful suggestion remains vast.

Here, then, is a deduction which can be immediately submitted to experiment.

The deduction of a Social Order from them was an accessory work.

I hypothesised this deduction from the fact that they were quite utterly gone.

I could not help laughing at the ease with which he, explained his process of deduction.

I could not help laughing at the ease with which he explained his process of deduction.

Word Origin & History of - Deduction

Word Origin & History of Deduction

Word Origin & History

deduction late 15c., "action of deducting," from L. deductionem, noun of action from deducere (see deduce). Meaning "that which is deducted" is from 1540s.

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