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Top ten synonyms Declare. What are 5 "Declare synonyms"? What is a better word for Declare? What's another word for Declare? How can I replace the word Declare? What is the Definition of Declare.

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Synonym of Declare (verb)

disclose claim stress affirm confirm advocate acknowledge insist proclaim assert inform maintain announce argue tell repeat reveal attest render show pronounce notify convey pass allege contend confess certify testify publish state blaze aver cite avow enunciate vouch propound validate sound advance promulgate manifest swear demonstrate profess reaffirm reassert allegate asservate be positive bring forward give out put forward set forth

Example of Declare

Example in a Sentences of Declare

Example Sentences for declare

And that it cost them something this ensewing historie will declare.

The only use of a vote is to declare the kind of government the voter believes in.

Then Edward charged him (as before) that he should declare his name.

To discover and declare truth as it is, and facts as they are, is the vocation of the scholar.

The Heavens, from the beginning, have been felt to "declare the glory of God."

"I declare you guilty of the offence as charged, and sentence you—" and so on, and so on.

The player next the blind is the first to declare his bet; in which, of course, he is entirely governed by circumstances.

I declare, I can't have my picture painted with such goings-on.

Not to understand after one look at the poverty and disease maps that hung on the wall was to declare oneself a dullard.

I declare them to be the just Valuation and true Price specified in sd.

Word Origin & History of - Declare

Word Origin & History of Declare

Word Origin & History

declare early 14c., from L. declarare "make clear," from de- intensive prefix + clarare "clarify," from clarus "clear."

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