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Dashing Definition Dashing Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Dashing. What are 5 "Dashing synonyms"? What is a better word for Dashing? What's another word for Dashing? How can I replace the word Dashing? What is the Definition of Dashing.

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Synonym of Dashing (adj)

fearless debonair stylish dapper plucky swish daring rousing dazzling alert spirited keen swank animated smart adventurous chic elegant exclusive exuberant fashionable gallant gay jaunty lively modish showy sporty vivacious swashbuckling

Example of Dashing

Example in a Sentences of Dashing

Example Sentences for dashing

Are you, in dashing like a shot into my life and then leaving me without a word to explain it?

The Spanish merchantman was dashing in shore at the top of his speed.

He had a good mind to ask her; but he shrank from "dashing her down the first day."

"This won't do," he said at last, dashing the tears from his eyes.

I was the first swordsman, the most dashing rider, the hero of a hundred adventures.

Stella was dashing on now, in the course of her obnoxious task.

From the summit they “looked down upon a boiling sea of cloud, dashing against the crags on which we stood.”

And the crowd applauded, for the crowd loves a dashing display.

The former was dashing past the point, when Deerslayer appeared on the sand and signed to him to return.

I stood by the side of my bed, dashing the tears from my eyes.

Word Origin & History of - Dashing

Word Origin & History of Dashing

Word Origin & History

dashing 1801, "given to cutting a dash," (1786), which was a colloquial expression for "acting brilliantly," from dash in the sense of "showy appearance," which is attested from 1715.

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