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Top ten synonyms Criticize. What are 5 "Criticize synonyms"? What is a better word for Criticize? What's another word for Criticize? How can I replace the word Criticize? What is the Definition of Criticize.

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Synonym of Criticize (noun)

excoriate chastise denounce chide blame censure castigate reprimand blast condemn trim rip slam rap skin reprove zap reprehend slog lambaste trash pan reprobate hit carp slug bash blister knock fluff clobber roast disparage scorch come down on cut down cut up dress down take down scathe fustigate animadvert on cut to bits denunciate do a number on find fault fulminate against give bad press jump on nag at nit-pick pick at skin alive

Example of Criticize

Example in a Sentences of Criticize

Example Sentences for criticize

The one thing to criticize is the backwardness of the lives of the good folk of the isle and their enormous pieds plats.

We must learn to affirm before we can go on to learn how to criticize.

Miss Hunt will examine and criticize the lectures prepared by the normal students.

And Chesterton does criticize Dickens as the contemporary of all these phenomena.

There is no need to recapitulate Sir George's services to the State, or to criticize his performances in literature.

I criticize only its frequent exclusiveness and exaggeration.

Nothing is more easy than to criticize God whilst considering only a portion of His work and not considering it as a whole.

It was outrageous of him to criticize her; yet how could he help it?

And for that reason one must not criticize them too closely—unless they try to make a profit out of their conversion.

After all, I thought, what right had this girl from South Africa to criticize me?

Word Origin & History of - Criticize

Word Origin & History of Criticize

Word Origin & History

criticize 1640s, "to pass judgment on something" (usually unfavorable), from critic + -ize. Meaning "to discuss critically" is from 1660s; that of "to censure" is from 1704. Related: Criticized; criticizing.

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