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Top ten synonyms Crime. What are 5 "Crime synonyms"? What is a better word for Crime? What's another word for Crime? How can I replace the word Crime? What is the Definition of Crime.

Synonym of Crime (noun)

case lawlessness violation felony misdemeanor infraction evil transgression misdeed breach wrongdoing scandal misconduct atrocity corruption malfeasance abomination trespass dereliction racket enormity wickedness caper depravity outrage hit immorality infringement sneak break wrong delinquency illegality vice iniquity fault job mortal sin villainy tort criminality antisocial behavior delict delictum evil behavior fast one malefaction unlawful act

Example of Crime

Example in a Sentences of Crime

Example Sentences for crime

One can show his sense of the magnitude of his crime even by the manner of defending it.

We do not blame them for the crime this officer here committed.

You are about to visit our country to seek revenge for this crime.

The name he bore must not be tainted even by the appearance of a crime.

I have never before been brought in contact with a crime of this magnitude.

I can't believe you are guilty of this crime; but you were foolish to run away from it.

For a moment she thought it almost a crime to say more to a woman thus deluded.

Tyrants as his father and mother had been to me, I pitied them, for they were not guilty of his crime.

Only, if the church be an offender on this score, how fearful must be the crime of the walls?

But against this was placed by other people the cruel circumstances of the crime.

Word Origin & History of - Crime

Word Origin & History of Crime

Word Origin & History

crime mid-13c., from O.Fr. crimne, from L. crimen (gen. criminis) "charge, indictment, offense," from cernere "to decide, to sift" (see crisis). But Klein rejects this and suggests *cri-men, which would originally have been "cry of distress." The L. word is glossed in O.E. by facen, also "deceit, fraud, treachery." Crime wave first attested 1920 (in headline in the "Times" of London).

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