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Crabbed Definition Crabbed Meaning in Bengali

"Crabbed Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Crabbed. What are 5 "Crabbed synonyms"? What is a better word for Crabbed? What's another word for Crabbed? How can I replace the word Crabbed? What is the Definition of Crabbed.

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Synonym of Crabbed (adjective)

cross bad-tempered cantankerous crabby cranky disagreeable grouchy grumpy irascible irritable peevish petulant querulous snappish snappy surly testy

Example of Crabbed

Example in a Sentences of Crabbed

Example Sentences for crabbed

Come, don't be crabbed, Vernor; young people ought to enjoy themselves; recollect, we were young ourselves once!

I found he was a crabbed fellow, and was not disposed to oblige me.

When the boy's mother opened the paper, it was his own crabbed, uneven writing that met her eye.

That may be called a crabbed reason, for it goes backward like a crab.

One is in rather a crabbed handwriting, and dates from 1574.

Your mamma is up to her eyes in news and I am crabbed as usual.

"I shan't," said Tim, surly as crabbed age and incessant banter under a hot sun could make him.

But the crabbed, cruel uncle turns him away also, and bolts the door.

How it snaps every thing which approaches it, like some crabbed people in the world!

The times were harsh and crabbed, and the song they yielded was like unto themselves.

Word Origin & History of - Crabbed

Word Origin & History of Crabbed

Word Origin & History

crab O.E. crabba, from a general Gmc. root (cf. Low Ger. krabben "to scratch, claw"). The constellation name is attested in Eng. from c.1000; the Crab Nebula (1868), however, is in Taurus, and is so called for its shape. Crab "fruit of the wild apple tree" (early 15c.) may be from unrelated Scandinavian scrab, of obscure origin. The combination of "bad-tempered, combative" and "sour" in the two words naturally yielded a meaning of "complain irritably," which is pre-1400. Crabgrass is c.1600, originally a marine grass of salt marshes; modern meaning is from 1743.

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