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Top ten synonyms Cover-Up. What are 5 "Cover-Up synonyms"? What is a better word for Cover-Up? What's another word for Cover-Up? How can I replace the word Cover-Up? What is the Definition of Cover-Up.

Synonym of Cover-Up (noun)

conspiracy evasion complicity burial concealment whitewash camouflage front pretense masking dissimulation closeting disguising hush-up placing under wraps seal of secrecy smoke-screen veil of secrecy

Example of Cover-Up

Example in a Sentences of Cover-Up

Example Sentences for cover-up

It possessed two qualities which most other cover-up titles do not have.

The demand for stores was a cover-up for things already done.

If President Ferraro didn't know about the battleship, he must have been taken in by the cover-up job.

But apparently the job was a genuine heist, not a cover-up for something else.

But it wouldn't do to leave a cover-up door like this standing open.

And Mannheim was plotting the next phase of the capture—the cover-up.

“We can swing the cover-up afterwards all the way,” Taggert told him firmly.

It was a cover-up, a substitute symbol to bring his nervous system back under full control.

And Stanley Martin was plotting the next phase of the capture—the cover-up.

Word Origin & History of - Cover-Up

Word Origin & History of Cover-Up

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