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Countrified Definition Countrified Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Countrified. What are 5 "Countrified synonyms"? What is a better word for Countrified? What's another word for Countrified? How can I replace the word Countrified? What is the Definition of Countrified.

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Synonym of Countrified (adjective)

agrarian rural rustic

Example of Countrified

Example in a Sentences of Countrified

Example Sentences for countrified

It was still a quiet and beautiful little bay with only one countrified inn standing close to the shore.

Fanny did n't say "countrified," but she meant it, and Polly felt uncomfortable.

She says it's just because we live down East here that we are so countrified.

Is not that like nobody on earth but sweet, slow, obstinate, countrified Aunt Ann?

Mme. Rosémilly was quite sweet in this costume, with an unexpected charm of countrified audacity.

There are five thousand people in this old, faded, countrified town.

Tall, angular, countrified, he personified the popular conception of a Connecticut yankee.

Paris still bewildered him like some countrified boor on his first visit.

"Loaned her the money," answered Maria, a certain pity in her voice for one so green and countrified.

One of them was ungraceful, being fat and countrified, so all were laughing at her.

Word Origin & History of - Countrified

Word Origin & History of Countrified

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