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Council Definition Council Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Council. What are 5 "Council synonyms"? What is a better word for Council? What's another word for Council? How can I replace the word Council? What is the Definition of Council.

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Synonym of Council (noun)

gathering gang committee ring conference confab synod board convention body parliament assembly conclave congress convocation powwow diet cabinet congregation mob outfit panel clan huddle ministry chamber meet brain trust kitchen cabinet directorate senate groupthink governing body official family

Example of Council

Example in a Sentences of Council

Example Sentences for council

The council, in answer, reiterated their orders for him to begone.

On the morrow, some of the sailors who had landed, were present at a council.

The shade of Deer at once went to the council of birds and animals.

Suppose we go back into the Council Room and hear something about it.

He was to go home with them and the council of war would decide about that.

The laws are made by the king in connection with a council of ministers.

This suited President Jenings and the Council, for it left them in undisputed control of the government.

At last the Gods in council considered it and decided that Fenrir must be bound.

Superintendent Coffin had a council with them on the twenty-eighth “at the Fort to good satisfaction.”

The Council will be coming at once—they would rather find you here.

Word Origin & History of - Council

Word Origin & History of Council

Word Origin & History

council early 12c., from Anglo-Norm. cuncile, from O.N.Fr. concilie, from L. concilium "group of people, meeting," from com- "together" + calare "to call" (see calendar). Tendency to confuse it in form and meaning with counsel has been consistent since 16c.

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