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Cooperator Definition Cooperator Meaning in Bengali

"Cooperator Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Cooperator. What are 5 "Cooperator synonyms"? What is a better word for Cooperator? What's another word for Cooperator? How can I replace the word Cooperator? What is the Definition of Cooperator.

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Synonym of Cooperator (noun)

helper accessory second confederate supporter accomplice co-conspirator partner in crime

Example of Cooperator

Example in a Sentences of Cooperator

Example Sentences for cooperator

She has been an efficient aid and cooperator with Frank in his gratuitous practice.

The librarian should always be treated as a cooperator, and not as an unintelligent servant.

Word Origin & History of - Cooperator

Word Origin & History of Cooperator

Word Origin & History

cooperate 1610s, from L. cooperat-, pp. stem of cooperari (see cooperation). Related: Cooperating (1640s).

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