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Top ten synonyms Convoy. What are 5 "Convoy synonyms"? What is a better word for Convoy? What's another word for Convoy? How can I replace the word Convoy? What is the Definition of Convoy.

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Synonym of Convoy (verb)

attendance attendant protection companion

Example of Convoy

Example in a Sentences of Convoy

Example Sentences for convoy

By this time the Triadur and the convoy were two or three miles to the sou'east.

A convoy of canoes, thirty in number, in single file, formed this wonderful funeral procession.

The fighting machines, which were to convoy them as far as the Rhine, rapidly gained their height and circled above their charges.

No, sir,” I replied; “it is the number which are still sailing in convoy.

Up to that same date not a single ship which had left North American ports in convoy had been lost.

One of my cavalry brigades had been ordered to cut off the convoy.

The next attempt of the French generals was to intercept a convoy from Ostend.

Wishing to find out where the commander-in-chief was, he rode up to a convoy.

Cassard had signalled Feuquières to weigh and convoy the grain-ships out while he engaged the two English ships.

He had just remembered his recent encounter with the doctor's wife and the convoy officer.

Word Origin & History of - Convoy

Word Origin & History of Convoy

Word Origin & History

convoy late 14c. (as a verb), from O.Fr. convoier, from V.L. *conviare, lit. "go together on the road" (see convey). The noun first recorded 1550s, "the act of guiding or escorting for protection;" meaning "train of ships or wagons carrying munitions or provisions in wartime under protection of escort" is from c.1600.

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