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Top ten synonyms Convey. What are 5 "Convey synonyms"? What is a better word for Convey? What's another word for Convey? How can I replace the word Convey? What is the Definition of Convey.

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Synonym of Convey (verb)

transmit bring send transfer move back dispatch carry lead grant support hump lug forward channel funnel conduct siphon bear shoulder tote ride guide pipe truck ferry fetch pack schlepp traject

Example of Convey

Example in a Sentences of Convey

Example Sentences for convey

Parnapishtim instructs Ardi-Ea to convey Gilgamesh to this fountain.

The other planters were going to New Orleans, and the same steamer was to convey them there.

I pulled all the tusks out of the three heads, and we now packed the mules to convey our booty to camp.

But one cannot convey to those who have not known the wonder, how wonderful a mere thing is!

By which he meant diplomatically to convey that he had had a narrow escape of believing it, at any rate.

With what glib facility they describe, but how inadequately they convey.

Till one, the royal grooms were preparing the carriages to convey the royal family and suite,—a long train of coaches.

I wish I could convey the mystery and the beauty of that night.

That is what I intended to convey to you, and I have to thank you for saving me the trouble of expressing myself.

He added that it "was not in his power to convey what he had not received."

Word Origin & History of - Convey

Word Origin & History of Convey

Word Origin & History

convey c.1300, from Anglo-Fr. conveier, from O.Fr. convoier "to escort," from V.L. *conviare "to accompany on the way," from L. com- "together" + via "way, road." It was a euphemism for "steal" 15c.-17c., which helped broaden its meaning. Related: Conveyed (c.1500); conveying (1590s); conveyer/conveyor (1510s).

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