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Top ten synonyms Conversation. What are 5 "Conversation synonyms"? What is a better word for Conversation? What's another word for Conversation? How can I replace the word Conversation? What is the Definition of Conversation.

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Synonym of Conversation (noun)

comment conference remark observation exchange communication discussion visit hearing consultation speech chat gossip questioning debate talk confab repartee confabulation intercourse parley palaver converse powwow colloquy yak communion expression gab ventilation jive pillow talk talkfest tête-à-tête

Example of Conversation

Example in a Sentences of Conversation

Example Sentences for conversation

Miss Waldstricker whirled suddenly to bring him into the conversation.

She, too, remembered the conversation, but had not strength to act up to the spirit of it.

And nothing could be more respectful than Jasper's manner and conversation.

They walked on, forgetting in conversation all about the gig and black servant.

To this Lucy thought it best to make no answer, and the conversation for a while was dropped.

“With your leave, we will have our conversation to ourselves,” said Hope.

It adds piquancy to conversation, as a mushroom does to a sauce.

Conversation ceased when he approached as if he had been a spy.

Had he dreamed that conversation between Spence and Burgess on the pavilion steps?

That was their meeting, their conversation, and their parting.

Word Origin & History of - Conversation

Word Origin & History of Conversation

Word Origin & History

conversation mid-14c., from O.Fr. conversation, from L. conversationem (nom. conversatio) "act of living with," prp. of conversari "to live with, keep company with," lit. "turn about with," from L. com- intens. prefix + vertare, freq. of vertere (see versus). Originally "having dealings with others," also "manner of conducting oneself in the world;" specific sense of "talk" is 1580. Used as a synonym for "sexual intercourse" from at least 1511, hence criminal conversation, legal term for adultery from late 18c. Related: Conversational (1779); conversationalist (1836); conversationist (1806).

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