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Synonym of Control (noun)

discipline restriction management force government restraint jurisdiction domination rule regulation curb supervision oversight authority regimentation weight ascendancy clout supremacy juice check guidance charge might direction subordination bridle manipulation limitation sway dominion qualification determination superintendence inside track upper hand subjection ropes predomination strings containment wire pulling driver's seat

Example of Control

Example in a Sentences of Control

Example Sentences for control

Just ahead, if the blueprints were right, was the door to the control room.

First, he realized he would have to learn to control his new powers.

It is not conversion of evil men that must be aimed at, but their control.

But certainly, the son of Dwerostel would have no word in the control of the duchy.

If she be a laborer, she must have an interest in the laws which control labor.

They have their influence, and exercise a degree of control in household matters.

See, you could control what belonged to John Grier, if you would.

Vain attempts have been made to control the new order by legislation.

This to an extent gives us control of our lives, of our destiny.

The pension system in the United States is an abuse which has escaped from control.

Word Origin & History of - Control

Word Origin & History of Control

Word Origin & History

control early 14c., "to check, verify, regulate," from Anglo-Norm. contreroller "exert authority," from M.L. contrarotulus "a counter, register," from L. contra- "against" (see contra) + rotulus, dim. of rota "wheel" (see roll). From a medieval method of checking accounts by a duplicate register. Sense of "dominate, direct" is c.1450. Related: Controllable (1570s); controlled (1580s; of rent, from c.1930); controlling (1520s). Control group in scientific experiments is attested from 1952 (from a sense of control attested since 1875). Control freak is late 1960s slang.

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