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Synonym of Contract (verb)

pact pledge bargain commitment arrangement record guarantee obligation settlement bond compact covenant evidence dicker engagement stipulation indenture treaty liability commission deposition paper promise convention understanding proof handshake concordat mise

Example of Contract

Example in a Sentences of Contract

Example Sentences for contract

Yet I do not say that some one hath not forged such a contract.

The wife is obtained by capture, purchase, or later by contract.

This opinion seems in every respect to bear out Lever's own previous convictions, and to sustain the view he took of his contract.

It may, perhaps, sound paradoxical to mention the contract of suretyship.

Both were signed by both interested parties, then Davy paid Finch fifty dollars on his contract and the meeting adjourned.

The action of debt and the other actions of contract will furnish others.

They have on the carpet a contract for live-oak from the southern States.

Moreover there was no other action of contract which could be maintained without a writing.

The man brought a little more and then he stoutly affirmed that he had fulfilled his part of the contract.

These concern the sufficiency of the consideration and the moment when the contract is made.

Word Origin & History of - Contract

Word Origin & History of Contract

Word Origin & History

contract early 14c., from L. contractus, pp. of contrahere "to draw together," metaphorically, "to make a bargain," from com- "together" + trahere "to draw" (see tract (1)). Noun came first, then verb and variant meaning "become narrowed, get smaller," especially of a withered limb (both 17c.). U.S. underworld slang sense of "arrangement to kill someone" first recorded 1940. Related: Contracting (1580s).

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