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Consultation Definition Consultation Meaning in Bengali

"Consultation Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Consultation. What are 5 "Consultation synonyms"? What is a better word for Consultation? What's another word for Consultation? How can I replace the word Consultation? What is the Definition of Consultation.

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Synonym of Consultation (noun)

conference dialogue appointment deliberation discussion hearing session examination interview meeting confab huddle argument powwow council clambake groupthink buzz session second opinion

Example of Consultation

Example in a Sentences of Consultation

Example Sentences for consultation

Collectively they constitute, for consultation, the general manager's staff.

A consultation which was then held resulted, apparently, in a resolution to attack them.

No sooner, therefore, was the breakfast over, than captain summoned Joyce to a consultation on the contemplated movement.

That mild mourning had been the result of anxious planning and consultation.

After a consultation with Patsy, the doctor undertook to speak seriously to the unreasonably afflicted men.

When the flour was nearly gone, Roosevelt and his men had a consultation.

He held a consultation with the officer for some minutes with reference to the prisoners.

My partner in New York wants to have a consultation with me.

There was a pause, and then Unredd, in consultation with his companion, deciphered the meaning.

As no one had called him, he supposed that the party in the library were still in consultation.

Word Origin & History of - Consultation

Word Origin & History of Consultation

Word Origin & History

consultation early 15c., from M.Fr. consultation, from L. consultationem, from consultare "consult," frequentative of consulere "to deliberate, consider," originally probably "to call together," as in consulere senatum "to gather the senate" (to ask for advice), from com- "with" + *selere "take, gather (the Senate) together," from PIE base *sal- "to take, seize."

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