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Confabulation Definition Confabulation Meaning in Bengali

"Confabulation Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Confabulation. What are 5 "Confabulation synonyms"? What is a better word for Confabulation? What's another word for Confabulation? How can I replace the word Confabulation? What is the Definition of Confabulation.

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Synonym of Confabulation (noun)

confab dialogue chitchat palaver discussion converse speech chat chatter talk

Example of Confabulation

Example in a Sentences of Confabulation

Example Sentences for confabulation

With the details of that confabulation we will not trouble the reader.

During this confabulation, Maltravers and Evelyn were left alone with Sophy.

After this confabulation the steward had orders to shut the door on Monsieur de Rubempre—which was done.

During the course of this confabulation evening had come on.

There was movement going on in the room, people coming and going, but we were intent on our confabulation and took no notice.

The sound of steps on the gravel path interrupted their confabulation.

Walk up wid yourself here, till we have a confabulation together; you see I love to be talking to you.

Then we sits down, gradually gets cool, and holds a confabulation.

I was going on in my confabulation, when Tranquillus entered.

Veronica was in the garden deep in confabulation with an awful-looking boy, dressed in nothing but rags.

Word Origin & History of - Confabulation

Word Origin & History of Confabulation

Word Origin & History

confabulation mid-15c., "talking together," from L. confabulationem, noun of action from confabulari (see confabulate).

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