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Top ten synonyms Confab. What are 5 "Confab synonyms"? What is a better word for Confab? What's another word for Confab? How can I replace the word Confab? What is the Definition of Confab.

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Synonym of Confab (noun)

dialogue chat chitchat palaver discussion converse speech confabulation chatter talk

Example of Confab

Example in a Sentences of Confab

Example Sentences for confab

While the confab was going on, the dogs were having their own fun.

"Now for a confab," said Lewis, as his companions gathered about him.

Perhaps Id better give em a talk, Bob, said Mr. Masterson, at the close of their confab.

At 11 o'clock Birdwood and Byng came over for a confab on the last upset.

The second grammar class had been relieved from a recitation by this confab, and somehow Perry had a subduing influence.

The confab wound up by a trip to the office of the district attorney.

Again and again, coming unexpectedly upon them, he noticed that their confab ceased with his appearance.

What on earth was Blenke doing there in that out-of-the-way nook, and in confab with Indians?

I admire his nerve in holding the confab under our very noses.

An hour's confab over cigarettes in that retired little den might clarify one atmosphere, if not another.

Word Origin & History of - Confab

Word Origin & History of Confab

Word Origin & History

confab 1701, colloquial shortening of confabulation.

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