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Conduct Definition Conduct Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Conduct. What are 5 "Conduct synonyms"? What is a better word for Conduct? What's another word for Conduct? How can I replace the word Conduct? What is the Definition of Conduct.

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Synonym of Conduct (verb)

management strategy charge handling treatment manipulation policy transaction oversight plan control direction execution tactics guidance regulation rule running leadership supervision regimen organization posture superintendence care red tape wielding channels carrying on intendance

Example of Conduct

Example in a Sentences of Conduct

Example Sentences for conduct

Moreover, the saddest of precisians could find no fault with the conduct of the shop.

Misery had broken her sleep by night, and constrained her conduct by day.

You think me very unselfish in all this; perhaps even my conduct surprises you.

With his own direct standards of conduct it was equivalent to dishonesty.

Recent reports of grand juries note some improvement in their conduct.

The chief dismissed his men and prepared to conduct a siege.

As they had praised Brigitte for her conduct in the past, so they blamed her now.

Men took them up who did not conform their own conduct to them.

The people have no other rule of conduct, than what their priests are pleased to prescribe.

Not in the least; I like to see you there, because your conduct contradicts your words.

Word Origin & History of - Conduct

Word Origin & History of Conduct

Word Origin & History

conduct c.1400, from L. conductus, pp. of conducere "to lead or bring together" (see conduce). Noun sense of "behavior" is first recorded 1670s; verb sense of "convey" is from early 15c.

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