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Top ten synonyms Condition. What are 5 "Condition synonyms"? What is a better word for Condition? What's another word for Condition? How can I replace the word Condition? What is the Definition of Condition.

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Synonym of Condition (verb)

status case position action situation plight quality standing predicament trim happening repair spot state rank scene sphere shape reputation mode estate order posture lay of the land status quo ballgame riff how it goes how things are how things stack up like it is size of it state of affairs way things are way things shape up where it's at

Example of Condition

Example in a Sentences of Condition

Example Sentences for condition

And of Christians of any sort or condition there were none in all Tetuan.

Honour and shame from no condition rise; Act well your part, there all the honour lies.

The day it is over I will meet you under any condition you choose to name.

Their condition must depend much on what they were before the conflict befell them.

It was especially so in the condition of affairs represented to him.

Cornwood and Nick seemed to be very well satisfied with their condition on board.

The man saw his condition, and, sulkily enough, hove him into his place.

Exposure, wet feet, were as suicidal in her condition as poison, he had told her.

With some people it is a condition which is present all the time.

For the past two days he had been living in a condition bordering on panic.

Word Origin & History of - Condition

Word Origin & History of Condition

Word Origin & History

condition early 14c., from O.Fr. condition, from L. condicionem (nom. condicio) "agreement, situation," from condicere "to speak with, talk together," from com- "together" + dicere "to speak" (see diction). Evolution of meaning through "stipulation, condition," to "situation, mode of being." The verb meaning "to bring to a desired condition" is from 1850.

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