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Top ten synonyms Condemn. What are 5 "Condemn synonyms"? What is a better word for Condemn? What's another word for Condemn? How can I replace the word Condemn? What is the Definition of Condemn.

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Synonym of Condemn (verb)

criticize sentence punish denounce censure decry chide castigate knock reprobate deprecate name reprehend reproach frame skin pronounce disapprove disparage damn adjudge belittle judge upbraid doom reprove proscribe depreciate come down on put away put down blow whistle on call down denunciate find fault with find guilty hang something on let have it pass sentence on pin it on point finger at send up send up the river thumbs down on lay at one's door

Example of Condemn

Example in a Sentences of Condemn

Example Sentences for condemn

Not even the maid in waiting could find anything to condemn.

We do not study them in order to approve59 some of them and condemn others.

How could sensible, good men, condemn poor old women to death for being witches?

“Sorry to have to condemn yours to the fate you have escaped,” said Jack.

I know that I ought to condemn this appalling extravagance, and I find myself enjoying it.

We mean to try you fairly, to acquit or condemn you in strict justice.

No professed agnostic can condemn the human intellect more utterly than he does.

That is why they condemn us as unpractical, and we condemn them as lifeless.

He sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.

I have dared'—and she faltered—'to condemn your faith as no faith.

Word Origin & History of - Condemn

Word Origin & History of Condemn

Word Origin & History

condemn c.1300, from O.Fr. condemner, from L. condemnare, from com- intensive prefix + damnare "to harm, damage." Replaced O.E. fordeman.

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