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"Concordance Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Concordance. What are 5 "Concordance synonyms"? What is a better word for Concordance? What's another word for Concordance? How can I replace the word Concordance? What is the Definition of Concordance.

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Synonym of Concordance (noun)

accord consonance accordance concurrence concord unity harmony similarity

Example of Concordance

Example in a Sentences of Concordance

Example Sentences for concordance

No Biblical student would willingly dispense with this Concordance when once possessed.

She brought the concordance and found there was no reference to omnipresence.

Her eye fell upon a concordance, lying where she had left it on that evening of indecision and perplexity.

The Concordance was, however, rescued from an untimely fate.

In which Computes there are manifest disparities, and such as much divide the concordance and harmony of times.

And the concordance is not an ordinary one of words and names.

The library should also comprise a good teacher's library with good reference Bibles, a Concordance and Dictionary.

He will come back, murmured Chavvy, in concordance with her leitmotif.

That some account has to be taken of a sort of accord, of concordance between the two intelligences.

What concordance was it that required to be established thus?

Word Origin & History of - Concordance

Word Origin & History of Concordance

Word Origin & History

concordance late 14c., "alphabetical arrangement of all the words in a book" (esp. the Bible), from Fr. concordance (12c.), from L.L. concordantiæ, from concordantem (see concord). Originally a citation of parallel passages. Literal meaning "fact of agreeing" attested in English from mid-15c.

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