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Top ten synonyms Compel. What are 5 "Compel synonyms"? What is a better word for Compel? What's another word for Compel? How can I replace the word Compel? What is the Definition of Compel.

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Synonym of Compel (noun)

urge oblige necessitate impel constrain exact enforce bulldoze make drive coerce restrain squeeze hustle dragoon concuss crack down make necessary put the arm on put the chill on shotgun throw weight around turn on the heat

Example of Compel

Example in a Sentences of Compel

Example Sentences for compel

And who is able to compel you to assent to that which appears false?

My name will suffice, if you compel me to dispense with yours.

I came to this room to-night with one deliberate purpose—to accomplish what I have done; to compel you to support this measure.

The economic interests of France also compel us to remain there.

In addition to this source of incompleteness, it seemed impossible to compel the tribunals to keep their records in proper shape.

I cannot compel persons to read, think, or reason, however I may do so for them.

Otherwise, the Commission must apply to a Federal court for the issuance of a judicial writ to compel obedience to the order.

It was necessary to use force to compel them to pass over it.

Go ye out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in.

We said that, if they attempted to compel us, we were prepared to fight our guard.

Word Origin & History of - Compel

Word Origin & History of Compel

Word Origin & History

compel mid-14c., from O.Fr. compellir, from L. compellere "to drive together," from com- "together" + pellere "to drive." Related: Compelled (pp. adj., 1540s).

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