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Top ten synonyms Company. What are 5 "Company synonyms"? What is a better word for Company? What's another word for Company? How can I replace the word Company? What is the Definition of Company.

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Synonym of Company (noun)

group club community team party association gathering set corps gang mob ring zoo horde cortege retinue crew ruck concourse convention circle ensemble troop body assembly coterie aggregation collection outfit band congregation clique troupe turnout clan league throng muster jungle order assemblage pack

Example of Company

Example in a Sentences of Company

Example Sentences for company

She did the things set aside for festivals, or the days when we have company.

I nod in company, I wake at night, Fools rush into my head, and so I write.

Germain felt ill at ease in this company, and did not eat heartily.

It was not impossible, and I determined that my late passengers should not be burdened with his company.

I pay him $25, and I go to the talking-machine company and the company does not dare to proceed.

She alone, perhaps, of all the company, had enjoyed it with pure relish.

One newspaper states that there were about 340 in the company.

The ship's company and the passengers were to remain on board during the passage.

I don't doubt it—I don't doubt it—Was there a schooner in company, sir?

Well, that may be,” replied Emma, “but still we are very glad of your company.

Word Origin & History of - Company

Word Origin & History of Company

Word Origin & History

company 1150, from O.Fr. compaignie "body of soldiers," from L.L. companio (see companion). Meaning "subdivision of an infantry regiment" is from 1590. Sense of "business association" first recorded 1553, having earlier been used in reference to trade guilds (c.1300). Abbreviation co. dates from 1759.

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