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Companionship Definition Companionship Meaning in Bengali

"Companionship Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Companionship. What are 5 "Companionship synonyms"? What is a better word for Companionship? What's another word for Companionship? How can I replace the word Companionship? What is the Definition of Companionship.

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Synonym of Companionship (noun)

camaraderie togetherness alliance conviviality affiliation union company amity comradeship rapport society esprit de corps

Example of Companionship

Example in a Sentences of Companionship

Example Sentences for companionship

I may have neglected her, but only for the companionship of men.

She would miss him then; but, he reflects, there is no one else for companionship.

Because it brought me the companionship of you two lads, something I needed.

In the companionship of these he passed happy, pleasant, and fruitful hours.

She told him one day how lonely she was for women's companionship.

Kitty was an only child, and her life was often dull for want of companionship.

I'm going to open it to all the kindness and companionship I can find in young and old.

How lonely was companionship in these conditions, and how desolate marriage!

His voice, his hands, his whole body trembled as he pleaded for companionship, for protection from his torturing fancies.

Permit me to conduct you back to the companionship of the Countess of Arestino.

Word Origin & History of - Companionship

Word Origin & History of Companionship

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