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Top ten synonyms Compact. What are 5 "Compact synonyms"? What is a better word for Compact? What's another word for Compact? How can I replace the word Compact? What is the Definition of Compact.

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Synonym of Compact (verb)

solid tight firm crowded pressed close thick packed dense hard impenetrable impermeable bunched compressed appressed

Example of Compact

Example in a Sentences of Compact

Example Sentences for compact

The Constitution is a "compact, to which the States are the parties."

It was no time or place to ratify a compact for her husband in his absence.

Now, if there had been two, I should not have gone on; I should not have broken my compact.

Even then, such a thing was known as the Crown disregarding the compact.

In a covenant the two parties are conceived as equals in point of law, binding themselves by a compact that bears on each alike.

The midshipmen had entered into a compact to introduce each other to their partners.

There now wanted only the second compact, which had remained in the power of the demon.

He declared the Union, as a compact with slave-holders, was worthy only to be dissolved.

In mediæval sermons we meet a few edifying wraiths and ghosts, returning in obedience to a compact made while in the body.

His height was about five feet eight inches, and his figure was muscular and compact.

Word Origin & History of - Compact

Word Origin & History of Compact

Word Origin & History

compact late 14c., from L. compactus "concentrated," pp. of compingere "to fasten together," from com- "with, together" + pangere "to fix, fasten." The noun meaning "make-up case" first recorded 1921, based on its containing compacted face powder; compact car is 1960. Compact disc is from 1979.

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