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Colonization Definition Colonization Meaning in Bengali

"Colonization Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Colonization. What are 5 "Colonization synonyms"? What is a better word for Colonization? What's another word for Colonization? How can I replace the word Colonization? What is the Definition of Colonization.

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Synonym of Colonization (noun)

founding clearing immigration expansion migration settlement establishment settling squatting transplanting expanding opening up peopling pioneering populating

Example of Colonization

Example in a Sentences of Colonization

Example Sentences for colonization

Moreover, the small number of able-bodied workingmen among them was disappointing to the colonization company.

Had their lives been the forfeit of this first attempt at colonization?

They have shared and do share the burdens of adventure, discovery and colonization.

The genius for colonization appears to have fled from us to Germany.

Abortive attempts at colonization had been made in the sixteenth century.

The colonization, therefore, of Scotland from Ireland admits of little doubt.

Indeed, various European nations who were even then seeking lands for colonization thought it too worthless to claim.

It seemed to Destournier that the scheme of colonization was hardly worth while.

System of colonization, and, as a necessary result, that of conquest without Africa.

Commerce, manufactures, colonization have outrun the supply.

Word Origin & History of - Colonization

Word Origin & History of Colonization

Word Origin & History

colonization 1770, noun of action from colonize (q.v.).

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