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Colloquy Definition Colloquy Meaning in Bengali

"Colloquy Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Colloquy. What are 5 "Colloquy synonyms"? What is a better word for Colloquy? What's another word for Colloquy? How can I replace the word Colloquy? What is the Definition of Colloquy.

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Synonym of Colloquy (noun)

chitchat parley conference confab dialogue chat rap discussion converse huddle powwow discourse colloquium seminar confabulation palaver talk flap rap session gam clambake groupthink buzz session chinfest gab fest talkfest

Example of Colloquy

Example in a Sentences of Colloquy

Example Sentences for colloquy

They could scarcely have spoken a hundred words before their colloquy was at an end.

Modern writers make no difference between a Colloquy and a Parliament.

There are seventy-six lines (incomplete) beginning with the colloquy of Gunnar and Hogni.

During this colloquy I had leisure to examine the starost's equipages.

Sam went to him: and the colloquy that ensued might be heard in the parlour.

Captain Charteris was not aware of a colloquy in which Owen had a share.

So, the next morning after his colloquy with Eperson he walked out to the cabin the widow occupied near the home of Eperson.

While this colloquy was going on, the manager appeared in the ring.

She was aware of Godolphin fretting at the colloquy he could not interrupt, and of Mrs. Harley prolonging it wilfully.

I was bored by the length of the colloquy, and sat down on the table swinging my legs.

Word Origin & History of - Colloquy

Word Origin & History of Colloquy

Word Origin & History

colloquy 1560s, from L. colloquium "conversation," lit. "a speaking together," from co- "together" + -loquium "speaking," from loqui "to speak."

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