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Top ten synonyms Collaborator. What are 5 "Collaborator synonyms"? What is a better word for Collaborator? What's another word for Collaborator? How can I replace the word Collaborator? What is the Definition of Collaborator.

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Synonym of Collaborator (noun)

colleague assistant associate partner teammate helper quisling confederate co-worker fellow traveller running dog team player

Example of Collaborator

Example in a Sentences of Collaborator

Example Sentences for collaborator

There, we both lost our collaborator and friend Ernest Blau.

But man is not the slave of fear; he is its collaborator and sometimes its master.

He recognized them, however, having lived in intimacy with Cæsar of Speyer, the collaborator of the second .

But fortune was kinder to Lodge than to his friend and collaborator.

Your name is familiar to me, if I am not mistaken; are you not a collaborator on Sybel's historical publication?

The next step was to secure my victim—my collaborator, I preferred to call him.

Thus he leaves his collaborator to think out the next chapter, for much remains to be told.

It has been stated, too, that Cœlius had more than one collaborator.

Only, upon my word, you must have a very poor idea of me to imagine that I need a collaborator!

Why should it not be the collaborator of man's intelligence to-morrow?

Word Origin & History of - Collaborator

Word Origin & History of Collaborator

Word Origin & History

collaborate 1871, back-formation from collaborator (1802), from Fr. collaborateur, from L. collaboratus, pp. of collaborare "work with," from com- "with" + labore "to work."

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