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Top ten synonyms Coerce. What are 5 "Coerce synonyms"? What is a better word for Coerce? What's another word for Coerce? How can I replace the word Coerce? What is the Definition of Coerce.

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Synonym of Coerce (verb)

bully intimidate suppress repress strong-arm browbeat terrorize hinder bulldoze force cow urge oblige make drive impel beset push threaten constrain menace restrict pressurize dragoon concuss high pressure lean on put the squeeze on shotgun make an offer they can't refuse twist one's arm

Example of Coerce

Example in a Sentences of Coerce

Example Sentences for coerce

Hume, though we have found him censuring the conduct of Franklin, was opposed to any attempt to coerce America.

Electric influences guide and coerce fish in a wonderful manner.

The North in trying to coerce the South was contradicting its own principle.

"Most certainly, doctor; I'd never seek to coerce you," said Cashel, smiling.

But I do not think that the modern parent desires to coerce as much as did his forbear.

His plan was to resist every effort to coerce him to the last ditch.

They may not coerce genius, but they dictate and sway every action of the clay-born.

It guides, it need not coerce or necessitate, though it may.

Identical Note, a term in diplomacy to denote terms agreed upon by two Powers to coerce a third.

A further attempt was made by the council to coerce the convent.

Word Origin & History of - Coerce

Word Origin & History of Coerce

Word Origin & History

coerce c.1451, from M.Fr. cohercer, from L. coercere "to control, restrain," from com- "together" + arcere "to enclose, confine, contain, ward off," from PIE *ark- "to hold, contain, guard" (see arcane).

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